New Clients

Welcome to My Pet's Animal Hospital! We cannot wait to meet you and your pets.


What to Expect

There are several things that are unique to My Pet’s Animal Hospital:

  • First of all, expect to be greeted right away.
  • We want to help you play a large role in decision-making about your pet’s care.
  • We use collaborative medicine both with you the pet owner and a huge network of veterinarians worldwide (Veterinary Information Network).
  • Rest assured, we will provide estimates for diagnostics and treatment plans.
  • Checking out is easy as well. You can check out in the room or up front with the receptionist.

Save time by registering before your first visit! Register for the Northshore location and register for the Alcoa location. Once registered, let the receptionist know when you call that you have registered already so they can find you in the system. Thank you for entrusting us to your pet’s care and well-being.