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Please rate the clinic appearance during your last visit with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst:*
Guidelines - 10. It looked like a grand opening. 7. The place was generally clean. 5 Hair in places, dust on counters, exam room not clean. 3. Noticeably not clean. 1. Feces, hair everywhere, saliva and other substance stains on the walls. Smells bad
Please rate how content the team seemed to you and how happy and friendly the team was to serve you, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst:*
Guidelines - 10. Everyone was very friendly and were happy to see me and seemed happy working with each other. 7. For the most part, generally a happy and friendly place but nothing to write home about. 5 Seemed basically blah. 3. Most of the people were not happy and were not very friendly. 1.It’s a very toxic atmosphere.
Please rate how easy it was to make an appointment, with 10 being the easiest and 1 being the most difficult:*
Guidelines - 10. I was able to get an appointment for the exact time I wanted. 7. The exact time was not available, but I was reasonably happy with what I was offered. 5. I could not get an appointment at a convenient time and had to rearrange my schedule to come to this one. 3. I had to postpone coming in to another day. 1. I could not get an appointment.