Cats bring joy and endless entertainment to their pet parents’ lives. Google the words “cat video” and countless choices are produced. There’s even a cat You Tube channel. Proving cats not only provide companionship, they often are muses for their owners. Not content to only entertain, cats are also quite calming. Their purring sound is both calming and reassuring. It also has the ability to lower our heart rate while simultaneously filling it with love.

Videos of cats are among those viewed the most on You Tube. Even if you haven’t seen her, chances are you have heard of Grumpy Cat. Her real name was Tardar Sauce but her nickname and permanently grumpy facial expression became an internet sensation. Born with a flat face and large protruding eyes, Grumpy Cat entertained and delighted even the grumpiest among us.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, close to 25% of U.S. households have cats. Though cats are not generally considered to be affectionate like dogs, cat lovers will strongly disagree. While cats are mischievous, independent, curious and loyal, they also make wonderful companions. Watching a cat frolic and play or curl up in a ball and sleep provides endless entertainment.

In addition to being adorable, cats are natural predators. Even a pampered always indoor cat retains her hunter instinct. She will both delight and horrify with offerings from her latest expedition. Cats have an uncanny ability to hear and smell things even when they are sleeping. This super power allows them to pounce at a moment’s notice often leaving prey indefensible. Meaning your home stays free of mice.

Cats really enjoy humans despite what some people believe. They are especially good at teaching children valuable social skills. According to Dr. Jane Brunt, a feline specialist, cats teach children to approach the pet slowly and speak in a calm voice. The vibration of a cat’s purr is therapeutic. They also help lower stress levels and speed the body’s natural healing power. Cats help children pay attention to how others are feeling. By learning how to gently pet a cat, stroke its fur and listen while it purrs, children gain insight on how to respect and care for others.

Cats are low maintenance. They make a great choice as a pet for those who live in an apartment because they are quiet. No one around you is disturbed by barking. Cats can also be left alone for longer periods of time. They don’t require multiple walks and are happy as long as their food, water and litter box are easily accessible. Cats enjoy having the house to themselves. They don’t make their owners feel guilty leaving them. Chances are when they return home, their cat is sleeping peacefully. Cats sleep about 15 hours a day making it easier to leave them behind.

Though cats may appear aloof at times, loving one not only improves your health but provides countless hours of laughter. Cat owners cannot imagine life without their feline companions. Grumpy, playful, intelligent, loyal and endlessly interesting, cats entertain, delight and teach us. For their purrs, snuggles and so much more, their humans are grateful.